Garage doors


They offer complete convenience, maximum security and optimal space saving. They consist of individual elements, the so-called sections, connected by hinges and thus the door can be opened vertically, walking comfortably along the ceiling line, without protruding forward and taking up extra space in front of the garage. With different mounting options, wider passage opening, with the best coefficient of thermal insulation, sealed on all sides, silent, provide reliable protection against unauthorized access. Rich color range.
A plus – guaranteed minimum 15000 cycle.

options for garage sectional doors

Flying wing

Flying wing doors are the most common choice garage door from construction companies in the underground garages of residential buildings. Their reliable anti-corrosion protection ensures high performance and guarantees a long door life. They can be driven either manually, and through the use of automation.
Minus - lack of thermal insulation properties.

Rolling doors and grilles

They are metal / security / or thermal blinds, with different sizes and save space – they are above the doorway. They are wound compactly behind the girder. This way no valuable area of ​​the hall is lost. Under the crane tracks can be used entirely. High fork electric trucks maneuver freely, and lifting platforms can be raised higher without the risk of impact. They can be easily controlled with a remote control.
Minus - the operating cycles are about 5000 times.

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